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The Vacation Bible School HALL OF FAME
All you need for this craft
is a shower curtain ring for each child and a hole punch.


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   Click on the FIRST WORD to print a page of card size KEYS to put on your shower curtain ring.
 KEYS FOR LOVE Scripture and God are all about love. There is no other set of scripture cards that matter more.
 KEYS FOR FEAR There is a reason that God repeats the phrase "Fear Not" over 365 times in most versions of scripture. He wants us and our children to get the message.
 KEYS FOR LOSS Whether it is a divorce, a move to another school, or death...LOSS is the number one stress of childhood. God's word can help, especially when combined with prayer.
 KEYS FOR LONELINESS PEER PRESSURE is not the number one enemy of this current generation. It is the loneliness within the church that drives them into the arms of their friends.
  KEYS FOR ANGER Of all human emotions the one most likely to cause serious spiritual problems is anger.

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